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  • Features of yet to be released Android Q

    Android 9 pie was released last year and even though they've not distributed it to chunk of users, they're already planning on launching another version, which will be known as Android Q, going by Android naming scheme.

    Although we're yet to know which dessert Google will choose for Q, we're guessing Quesadilla, Quiche, Quinoa, Quail, Quesito, Qurabiya, or even Quaker Oats. Lol. 
    In short, let the guessing begin.

    Enough about name, let's talk features. Here are the new features from an exclusive leak from XDA developers.

    1. Dark mode feature
    2. Desktop Experience for Tablet users 
    3. Improved privacy
    4. New developer options 
    5. Permissions enhancement
    Here are some of the screenshots

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