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  • Foldable Xiaomi phone appears on video with company’s co-founder

    A new video has surfaced of Xiaomi’s foldable device. This time, Lin Bin, the company’s co-founder and president is demonstrating it on camera. It isn’t entirely clear whether the video was intended to be released or not - but whatever the case may be - we have a closer look at Xiaomi’s foldable phone.

    The video below was reposted to YouTube


    The device doesn’t fold closed but rather folds backwards and has two creases. The creases can clearly be seen in the video so we imagine that Lin Bin is showing a prototype. Fully opened, it looks like the display might have a 3:2 aspect ratio.

    Bin scrolls through a video app and folds the display back. The interface is able to quickly snap into the correct display mode, which likely involved a lot of work to achieve on the software side with Android.

    Although the screen is folded back, the entire display stays on. One important takeaway from this new video is that the power button is actually on the “top” of the device when holding it in portrait orientation.

    What this video doesn’t reveal is when Xiaomi would be bringing this kind of device to market. Based on the creases and dents we see on the display throughout the video, it looks like Xiaomi still has a lot of work to do before this product is ready to be mass produced.

    What do you think of this form factor? Is this foldable device something you see yourself getting used to?

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